Acer Predator 21x … Most Expensive Gaming Laptop ?

Have you ever wondered how expensive a gaming laptop can be ? Your answer would probably be somewhere around $3000 – $4000 mark. Well … not exactly. Acer has managed to make a laptop that can raise your heart beat when you see the price tag. You could only afford it if you recently won a lottery or an inheritance from an unexpected person. The question is how did they manage to put together a product that can cost more than a fully speced ordinary gaming laptop times four or even more probably. To understand the price tag a little better, we have to walkthrough what this Acer Predator 21X  and what it packs inside.

Specs :

  • Processor   : 2.9GHz Intel Core i7-7820HK
  • RAM   : 64GB DDR4 SDRAM @ 2400MHz
  • Display  :  21-inch 2560 x 1080 IPS curved display
  • Graphics : Dual – 8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
  • Storage : 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • Price : $9000


If you think these specs are wow ! this laptop has some more cards under it’s sleeves. It has a numeric keypad that can be flipped for a touch pad when needed. The Predator 21X supports a full-size mechanical keyboard with individually adjustable RGB backlighting for each and individual key. In addition, you can pull out the keys that you don’t need while gaming, and can switch them for the ones that you do. Simply put, you can have four keys of the same alphabet at different positions of the keyboard at the same time. With all this power packed inside, you will not be surprised that this 21X comes equipped with five cooling fans, pushing the hot air out. 21X is also rocking some serious audio. It has four speakers and two subwoofers to give you an immersive and a surround-sound like experience. The build quality is top-notch and has no flex in the screen or in the keyboard. It has Tobii Eye Tracking aswell, meaning that you can navigate the laptop with just your eyes.


Even though Predator 21X has many booming features, it does  comes with some drawbacks as well. First, the brightness only goes up to 360 nits which will be difficult to see in direct sunlight. Secondly, it requires two power supplies at the same time to run. Weighing at about 20 lbs, you cannot hold this laptop on your ” lap ! ” Secondly, with it’s size and weight it is not portable. Even though the resolution is pretty good, it is still not true 4k which is a must in today’s time.

Whenever your eyes fall on this laptop, you’ll know it’s something special. Limited to only 300 units, not many people will be able to lay their hands on this laptop. If you want a special experience and something unique just for yourself, and you have the money, definitely go for it, but if you want a bang for the buck, this is definitely not the one.

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